MOSAIC Modular Safety Integrated Controller Adds New Features


Standard Module 
• M1  used as stand-alone  = 1 module = 8 inputs and 2 OSSD pairs   + 2 status outputs 
Now Expanded to a Maximum number of modules:
• M1 + 14 expansions   = 15 modules = 128 inputs and 16 OSSD pairs  +    16 status outputs

MOSAIC MI12T8  Expansion module for Safety Mats and Edges
• 8 digital inputs
• 8 test outputs (for sensors to be monitored)
It can monitor up to 4 independent safety mats
MOSAIC MV2 Expansion module for safety speed control
  Bi-channel two sensors speed control example

– 1 incremental encoder
– 1 proximity sensing pulses  from the cogwheel
– Safety Level: up to PLe

MOSAIC MV2  Expansion module for safety speed control
• Input for encoder and proximity
   – incremental encoder TTL/HTL – sin/cos
   – proximity PNP/NPN
• Safety speed control (up to PLe) for:
– zero speed control
– max speed
– speed range
– direction
• Possible Sensors:
   – 1/2 incremental encoder
   – 2 PNP/NPN proximity
   – 1 encoder and 1 proximity
• RJ-45 for encoder and connection block for proximity

“MOSAIC” MOdular SAfety Integrated Controller

Modular Safety Integrated Controller is the new revolutionary modular and configurable safety controller from This new safety controller is capable of monitoring many safety sensors and commands at the same time. These can be safety light curtains, safety photocells, emergency stops, safety mats, magnetic or mechanical safety switches, two-hand controls, etc. Thanks to the ’s modular and expandable structure it is possible to adapt its I/O configuration and functionality to the demands of each application. This makes a highly versatile and flexible safety controller. has solid state and/or relay outputs. They can be instantaneous or delayed.

Main Features

* Configurable safety controller

Safety level: SIL 3, PLe, Cat. 4

Easy and intuitive graphic configuration software (MSD – Mosaic Safety Designer)

Compact design:

o Single Main module dimensions 22.5 x 99 x 114.5 mm

Max 72 inputs and 8 OSSD pairs

Max 7 expansion units in addition to Master M1

M1 stand alone main unit

* 8 safety inputs, 2 OSSD pairs with separate EDM and Start/Restart configurable via PC through USB interface

MI8O2 expansion unit:

* 8 safety inputs, 2 OSSD pairs with separate EDM and Start/Restart

MI8 and MI16 expansion units: With 8 and 16 safety inputs M1 Main Unit 22.5mm

o MO2 and MO4 expansion units:

o With 2 and 4 OSSD pairs with separate EDM and Start/Restart

MR2 and MR4 relay units:

 o With 2 and 4 guided contacts safety relays

MB expansion units for connection to the most common industrial Fieldbus systems:

PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, CANopen

Memory card configuration storage (MCM – Mosaic Configuration Memory)

Safety Communication

Communication between units via proprietary high speed bus (MSC – Mosaic Safety Communication)

Simple diagnostics via LED signaling and configuration software.

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Safety Relays with Force Guided Design vs. Traditional Electromechanical Relays

Safety Relays with Force Guided Design

A traditional electromechanical relay consists of a set of contacts that open or close, depending on their arrangement and the coil voltage. A Riese safety relay’s contact design is mechanically interlocked. Mechanically interlocking the contacts enables the relay’s behavior to operate in a predetermined fashion and is achieved by either applying the mechanical interlock or force guiding the contact set.

The design using a mechanical bar interlinking all the contacts assures that all normally open (N/O or Form A) contacts don’t close if the normally closed (N/C or Form B) contacts don’t open. If the contacts of either the N/O or the N/C type are welded shut, the bar prevents the opposing contact type from operating. Therefore, when a relay contact fails to open, the opposing (or other) contacts don’t close enabling a monitored state of the relay.